• The Hollywood Knights (Columbia Pictures, 1980)
    "Los caballeros de Holliwood" By Floyd Mutrux

  • Falling in Love Again (International Picture Show, 1980)
    "Volver al amor" By Steven Paul

  • Charlie Chan and The Cruise of the Dragon (American Cinema, 1981)
    "La maldición de la Reina Dragón" By Clive Donner

  • Grease 2 (Paramount Pictures, 1982)
    "Brillantina 2" By Patricia Birch

  • Scarface (Universal Pictures, 1983)
    "El Precio del Poder" By Brian de Palma

  • Intro The Night (Universal Pictures, 1985)
    "Cuando Llega la Noche" By John Landis

  • LadyHawke (Warner Bros/20Th Century Fox, 1985)
    "Lady Halcón" By Richar Donner

  • Sweet Liberty (Universal Pictures, 1986)
    "Dulce Libertad" By Alan Alda

  • The Witchess of Eastwick (Warner Bros, 1987)
    "Las Brujas de Eastwick" By George Miller

  • Amazon Women on The Moon, Hospital (Universal Pictures, 1987)
    "Amazonas en la Luna" By John Landis

  • Married to The MOB (Orion Pictures, 1988)
    "Casada con Todos" By Jonathan Demme

  • Tequila Sunrise (Warner Bros, 1988)
    "Conexión Tequila" By Robert Towne

  • Dangerous Liaisons (Warner Bros, 1988)
    "Las Amistades Peligrosas" By Stephen Fears

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys (20th Century Fox, 1989)
    "Los Fabulosos Baker Boys" By Steve Kloves

  • The Russia House (MGM, 1990)
    "La Casa Rusia" By Fred Schepisi

  • Frankie & Johnny (Paramount Pictures, 1991)
    "Frankie y Johnny" By Garry Marshall

  • Love Field (Orion Pictures, 1992)
    "Por Encima de Todo" By Jonathan Kaplan

  • Batman Returns (Warner Bros, 1992)
    "Batman Vuelve" By Tim Burton

  • The Age of Innocency (Columbia Pictures, 1993)
    "La Edad de la Inocencia" By Martin Scorsese

  • Wolf (Columbia Pictures, 1993)
    "Lobo" By Mike Nichols

  • Dangerous Minds (1995)
    "Mentes Peligrosas" By

  • Up Close and Personal (1996)
    "Intimo y Personal" By Robert Redford

  • One Fine Day (1996)
    "Un Día Inolvidable" By Michael Hoffman

  • To Gillian on Her 37th Birthay (1996)
    "Buenas noches amor mio" by

  • Tousand Acres (1997)

  • Prince Of Egypt (1998, voz)

  • Televisión:

  • Solitary Man, The (1979)
  • "Delta House" (1979) [The Bombshell]
  • "B.A.D. Cats" (1980)
  • Splendor in the Grass (1981)
  • Callie & Son (1981)
  • Children Nobody Wanted, The (1981)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer y los Teleñecos (1996)

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